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Robida x Zabriskie
A Conversation about Soils and Margins

Robida, Zabriskie with Marianna Dobkowska, Rosario Talevi
Date: Thursday 06.06.2024
Time: 19:00-21:00
Place: Zabriskie Bookstore


Robida is a situated and multilingual cultural magazine published by Robida collective. Each issue explores a topic connected and generated by Topolò/Topolove, the village on the border between Italy and Slovenia where the collective is based. The chosen topic is thrown into the world and interpreted by people who have never been to Topolò. What people send back after the open call is not only a contribution to the exploration of a defined theme but also a new interpretational tool to explore the collective’s relation to Topolò.

During this conversation, we will discuss the ninth issue of Robida magazine – which digs into soil, dirt, mud, earth, ground and compost through six categories, each proposed by one editor of the magazine: symbolic, feminist, theoretical, dwelling, contaminated and tactile soils – and Robida’s newest publication dedicated to their project Academy of Margins.



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