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Rabbit-ducks Unveiled. A Sneak Peek into the Postartistic Theory and Practice
An Illustrated Lecture

Kuba Szreder
Date: Friday 7.06.2024
Time: 18:30-19:30


The short lecture, illustrated by Kacper Greń, is conceived as a foray into a relatively uncharted territory of postartistic theory and practice. It is dedicated to rabbits-ducks, cryptic species dwelling on the expanding field of art, at the crossings between the ways of art and other walks of life. In fact, a mercurial nature of these illusory animals motivated the Consortium of Postartistic Practices, a loose network of postartists, militant conceptualists, imaginative activists, and stray academics, to place rabbits-duck on their coat of arms. Just as rabbits-ducks can be seen as ducks, rabbits or both at the same time, the activities of CPP can be perceived as art, not art, both or neither, depending on the perspective.

This event is open for all and doesn’t require registration.

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