Konteksty / Contexts / 2024 / Berlin

Planting Paintings
Plein-air Painting Session and Composting Ceremony

Ana Vogelfang & Julieta García Vazquez
Date: Saturday 08.06.2024
Time: 15:00-17:00


MOPI – in Spanish Museo Ocasional de un Paisaje Increíble (Occasional Museum of an Incredible Landscape) – is a spatial and narrative poetic tool devised by artist duo Ana Vogelfang and Julieta García Vazquez. In each iteration, MOPI explores a different territory and weaves together situated oral histories with local material productions. Existing only for a day, MOPI seeks to re-materialise a landscape collectively.

For Konteksty, Vogelfang and Garcia Vazquez will guide a collective plein-air painting session at Floating, where participants are invited to paint this natural-non-natural site on biodegradable paper and with natural earthen pigments. After the session and until sunset paintings will be arranged in a temporary exhibition. Later on, in a sort of composting ceremony, the paintings will be planted throughout the landscape, becoming a part of Floating’s narrative and material memory.


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