Konteksty / Contexts / 2021 / Sokołowsko / Poland

Agata Grabowska

is a queer performer. She explores the borderline of gender and its expression in movement and image. Through meditation, exercises and working with intuition she tries to achieve peace and balance. She has just submitted her master’s thesis on being inside performance, basing on the works of Alex Baczynski-Jenkins, with whom she collaborates.

During the Congress, Agata Grabowska will be conducting daily lung gymnastics, inspired by the treatment methods of Dr. Brehmer, the founder of the Görbersdorf Sanatorium. Breathing exercises derived from various traditions allow to increase lung capacity and get into deeper contact with one’s own body. By recalling the gymnastic exercises which are historically associated with Sokolowsko, Agata will attempt to establish a relationship with the spirit of the place.

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