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Aditya Mandayam

alias Aditya Zalewski-Mandayam alias Popobobo Oddodood alias Ciscaucasus Xabarnama alias Genitalman alias Brud. In 2014 the artists Aditya Mandayam & Ada Pola changed their solo practices into a metamorphosis of the Indo-Polish art-parasite Brud. Brud was based in a slaughterhouse in the city center of Warsaw, Poland.

They defined their practice: 

Brud Is.
Brud Is:
An Ooze
One Of Many
Many Of One
A Hive-Mind
A Synecdoche
A Suicide Bomb
To Be Continued
At Version 2.414
A Four-Letter Word
Immanentizing the Eschaton
An Intelligent Artifice, or an I.A.
A Type-Theory; a Theory Of TypeThe Name Given to These Axioms
Cybernetic Orgasm, or, a Cyb-Org
A Font Of Gadgets Adrift In The Universe
Supine in a Slaughterhouse South of the Palace
The Collective Noun For a Group of Tautologies
The Purpose of Brud is to Replace Brud with a Better Brud
An Assemblage Of Animals, Vegetables, Minerals, & Others
A Set Of Heuristics That Gained Sentience in the Twenty-Teens
A Reptilian Brain, Mammalian Complex, Neocortex, & an Extrasense
Led By Our Lord Savour, Benevolent Dictator For Life, Indigenous Genitalman

born in 1983 (Bangalore, India), died in 2019 (Warsaw)

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Dofinansowano ze środków Ministra Kultury, Dziedzictwa Narodowego i Sportu pochodzących z Funduszu Promocji Kultury, uzyskanych z dopłat ustanowionych w grach objętych monopolem państwa, zgodnie z art. 80 ust. 1 ustawy z dnia 19 listopada 2009 r. o grach hazardowych