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How to participate?

To take part in the Congress one is obliged to fill the registration form. The number of participants is limited due to pandemic restrictions and the accommodation base in Sokołowsko. Participation in the Congress is free of charge.

How to get there?

It’s easiest to get to Sokołowsko by car. If you have a free seat / look for a seat in a car, we encourage you to exchange information in our Facebook event.

You can also take a train to Wałbrzych (station: Wałbrzych Miasto), and from there take a bus or a car to Sokołowsko:

  • Private bus, leaving from ul. Sikorskiego-OSiR station (Wałbrzych–Mieroszów) timetable
  • Public bus MPK Wałbrzych, line 15 (Wałbrzych–Mieroszów–Golińsk) timetable
  • Taxi Mercedes Wałbrzych: +48 607 886 666 (costs c. 60 zł)


Where to stay?

After filling the registration form, you will receive contact details of the person who can help you organize your stay in dormitory rooms in one of the guesthouses in Sokołowsko. Dogs and other pets can’t stay at the guesthouses.

Due to pandemic restrictions it’s not possible to camp or set up a tent in Sokołowsko. The closest legal campsite is in Czech Republic, 10 km from Sokołowsko: Auto Camp Loděnice Zdoňov.

How to prepare?

Sokołowsko has a unique, chilly microclimate. The Congress’ program includes walks and hikes – it’s best to have appropriate footwear and warm clothes. Also, be prepared for the possibility of rain.

Bearing in mind the safety of all participants, we recommend testing for SARS-COV-2 or obtaining a COVID-19 vaccine passport before arrival.

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